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Types of Agreements

Sponsored Research

An agreement with another entity that provides funding for a research project being conducted under the direction of a university Principal Investigator. 

Federal Funds: Grants, Cooperative Agreements and Contracts

Grant – A mechanism to provide funds to support a public purpose; the Principal Investigator develops the statement of work; it usually includes annual reporting requirements and there is no involvement of the Federal Agency
Cooperative Agreements – A mechanism to provide funds to support a public purpose, with substantial involvement of the Federal Agency
Contract – A procurement mechanism to purchase specific goods and services. The scope of work is usually defined by the Federal Agency; the payment is based on deliverables and milestones; usually there are frequent reporting requirements to monitor the work; subject to the FAR clauses (Federal Acquisition Regulation)

Data Use (DUA)

Agreements used to exchange datasets considered proprietary by a party and how any data from the dataset may be used. 

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Non-binding agreement outlining the terms and details of an understanding between two or more parties. It does not need to have legally enforceable promises.


Agreements issued by the university to a collaboration entity (subrecipient). These subrecipients will perform a portion of the research required under a prime award to the university. 


Agreement issued by the university to another entity that is performing research related activities, but the funds are coming from departmental funds, gift funds, or a direct appropriation and are not managed by SPARC.