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CSC 498: Internship in Computer Science (1-3 credits)

  • Prerequisite: Overall GPA of at least 2.5 and a GPA in CSC courses of at least 2.8.
  • Academic training and practical experience through work in a private company or public agency.
  • Faculty supervision and evaluation of all study and on-site activity.
  • Open to students of junior or senior standing who have been approved by the faculty supervisor, department chair and dean.

Procedures for CSC 498 Internships

The Student Must

  • Work with a Career Services staff member or the departmental internship advisor to locate a position that meets their academic objectives.
  • Provide a clear and detailed job description, including a description of specific tasks to be performed.
  • Complete an Internship Registration Form.
  • Maintain a weekly journal of the work and learning experience while on the job.
  • Receive satisfactory employer evaluations.
  • Write a Final Report, as directed by the faculty supervisor, substantially following the suggested content of the "Final Reflection Paper."
  • Give an oral presentation to faculty and students on the internship experience. The date of this presentation must be at least 3 working days after the Final Report and weekly journals are received by the faculty supervisor.
  • Complete a Student Evaluation Form and an exit interview with the faculty supervisor.

The Faculty Supervisor Will

  • Assist with completion of the Internship Registration Form by verifying that the learning objectives, if accomplished, are worthy of academic credit requested, and confirm that the employer agrees with these learning objectives.
  • Monitor the number of hours on the student's time sheet to assure that the number of hours worked conforms to the contract, is reasonably balanced throughout the work period. Contact the employer and Career Services if the number of hours worked varies significantly from the contracted number.
  • When feasible, conduct at least two on-site visits during the internship period.
  • Complete the Evaluation Form and assign a course grade based on the student's:
    • Job performance as evaluated by the supervisor and faculty supervisor
    • Accomplishment of learning objectives, the Final Report and the oral presentation

The Employer Will

  • Submit a resume for the work supervisor.
  • Maintain the student's agreed-upon assignment and notify the faculty supervisor if any changes occur during the internship period.
  • Maintain a balanced workload for the student.
  • Notify the faculty supervisor of any proprietary considerations of the work being performed prior to the start of the internship period.
    • It is expected that the student's work will be presented publicly
    • Both oral and written form are required upon successful completion of the internship
  • Communicate on a regular basis with the faculty supervisor and assist with on-site visits.
  • Complete a final student evaluation (Microsoft Word Document).

Feel free to contact your Career Development Counselor if you are a Science or Math major.

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