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Research & Scholarship

Accordion Heading (h2)

Project Team: André Silva
Spring 2019, funded through a Pedagogy Initiative Award

The course created as part of this initiative allows students to combine their skills as filmmakers with the skills of students trained in the sciences. This project cultivated a greater appreciation in students for their immediate natural surroundings, connected students to local and regional ecologically-motivated organizations, and provided instruction on production techniques unique to the genre. The course curriculum focused on production and story-structural techniques employed by environmentally-themed documentaries, including specific production techniques taught may involve the use of aerial (drone) or underwater photography.

Project Team: Thomas Salzman
Spring 2018, funded through a Pedagogy Initiative Award

This project, focused on revising the THR 369 course and curriculum, sought to implement reflective and high impact practices while adding opportunities for scholarly inquiry. Responding to the heightened awareness and volatility around matters of race and ethnicity in America (and most pronounced in contemporary theatre), this project's emphasis on Intention and Reflection provided a crucial
instrument for deepening awareness of the importance of diversity in contemporary literature and its production. Groundbreaking multicultural works like Hamilton may be bell weathers for this change, but only mark the tip of the iceberg in terms of how pervasive diversity has affected contemporary theatre and media culture.

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