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Arts Integrated

Examples of Arts Integrated Experiences at UNCW

Project Team: Anne Lindberg
Spring 2020, Funded through Applied Learning Pedagogy Initiative Award

In this hands-on studio course, future teaching professionals learn approaches to building painting structures and surfaces. Students not only learn the foundations of archival painting processes for both traditional and contemporary painting but also get the chance to build their own painting supports (canvases and panels) using the appropriate tools and materials. Topics covered include woodworking tools, preparation process for both canvas and wood panels, sizes and grounds, drying oils, and varnishes. A historical overview of traditional processes such as glazing and scumbling are also covered, as are various contemporary materials like acrylics and resists.


Project Team: Jonathan Kladder
Spring 2021, Funded through Applied Learning Pedagogy Initiative Award

A Virtual Hip-Hop experience with artists, educators, and students from DREAMS, funded through a

Hip-Hop has been embedded in American culture since the early 1970s, but – until recently – only on the fringes of music education. The National Association for Music Education is advocating for efforts to address diversity and inclusion and equity and access in the music teaching and learning profession. Hip-Hop music education is at the forefront of this effort, offering K-12 students the opportunity to be creative music makers, taking their music to the classroom.

DREAMS of Wilmington, a youth development organization dedicated to creating a culture of confidence for youth and teens through equitable access to arts education, provides free arts programs to more than 600 young people and families each year. This collaboration with UNCW brings Hip-Hop songwriting experiences to DREAMS students and supports Department of Music students’ development in writing original music.

Project Team: Laura Brogdon-Primavera
Spring 2020, Funded through Applied Learning Pedagogy Initiative Award

Students interned at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) and had the opportunity to research the history of downtown Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, and UNCW. In addition to this, they developed a plan for a mural, worked with campus and community clients, developed a budget, and painted murals during the spring of 2020. These murals, alongside the students' other work, then went on display in a gallery to showcase the results of their learning.

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