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Applied Learning & High Impact Practice Assessment

Scheduling a Consultation

The Applied Learning Assessment Team is engaged in several ongoing efforts to support the continued development of applied learning at UNCW. Consulting is available to faculty, staff, students, and community partners engaged in or interested in developing an applied learning project.

If interested in scheduling an appointment, please email You don't need to have applied for or received funding from the Office of Applied Learning & High Impact Practices to schedule a consultation. Examples of consulting services include assistance with:

  • Development or revision an assessment plan;
  • Feedback on the development or revision of an application for a funded initiative;
  • Collection and/or analysis of data related to a former, current, or future project;
  • Revision or development of more inclusive student learning outcomes;
  • Support for ongoing planning or implementation of an assessment project.
Assessment Resources
  • Critical Reflection Prompts and Examples
  • Intention Reflection Prompts and Examples
  • Writing Learning Outcomes: Resources for Applied Learning Projects
Assessment Reports
  • The Office of Applied Learning - Spring/Summer 2020 Update
  • The Power of Applied Learning: A Report on the Qualitative Analysis of Applied Learning Student Reflections from 2013-2019
Archived Reports
  • UNCW QEP 5th Year Impact Report
  • ETEAL 17-18 Academic Year Review
  • ETEAL 16-17 Academic Year Review
  • ETEAL 15-16 Academic Year Review
  • ETEAL 14-15 Academic Year Review
  • 17-18 ETEAL Assessment Report
  • 16-17 ETEAL Assessment Report
  • 15-16 ETEAL Assessment Report
  • 14-15 ETEAL Assessment Report
  • 13-14 ETEAL Assessment Report

Known as Experiencing Transformative Education through Applied Learning (ETEAL), the QEP began in 2013 was framed by three goals to:

  1. Improve student learning in applied learning experiences through enriching the environment that supports student learning;
  2. Provide faculty and staff with information and resources about high-impact practices in applied learning pedagogy as appropriate to their disciplines and responsibilities, and
  3. Promote the incorporation and implementation of high-impact practices of applied learning throughout UNCW.

ETEAL was successful at meeting—and exceeding—these goals. It evolved into an initiative that frames the work of many units across campus.

Following the expiration of the QEP, ETEAL was rebranded as the Office of Applied Learning, and in keeping with the University's new strategic vision the office also supports High Impact Practices. The Office of Applied Learning & High Impact Practices seeks to build on prior success and use our knowledge base to improve opportunities and resources and enhance our assessment practices.

Read the 5th year SACS COC Impact Report on ETEAL