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Registration Tips

Be sure to confirm your course Modality. A course modality is the instructional delivery method of the course.

How to Find Course Modalities

Your personalized Registration PIN is located on the registration/educational planning form (highlighted in yellow) that was emailed to you at the completion of your advising meeting.

Schedule an Advising Appointment

The day/time that the registration system will first open for you to begin choosing classes. To look up when you time ticket is go to your SeaNet account: Student Services>Registration> Check your registration status>Select Term.  If you have a registration hold it will be listed here as well.

How to find your Time Ticket

Contact TAC at (910) 962-HELP.

If you email your advisor or the Registrar about a registration error, it is important that you include your 850# and the exact wording of the error message you receive, providing a screenshot is extremely helpful.

  1. Remember that some lecture/lab courses require that you register for them at the same time.
  2. Read the course description and to see if you have the appropriate pre/co-reqs for the course.  Go to the Undergraduate Catalogue for course descriptions (the year you entered UNCW)

UNCW Catalogue

  1. Run a ‘what if’ degree audit in SeaNet for the major and/or minor you are considering.
  2. Search the academic program finder to explore which major or minor would be a good fit for you.
  3. Review the list of University Studies options.
  1. If a waitlist option is available for the course, you will need to register for the waitlist. Waitlists allow academic departments to see the demand for a course, so it’s important to get on one. Remember not all courses have waitlists.
  2. Keep an eye on the course – people will be adjusting their schedules throughout the registration period, so it’s possible that a seat or two may open up in the course. Check back periodically to see if that occurs. If a seat is available when you check, register for it!

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