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Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity Fundamentals

Details & Course Access

Course Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this required course and training, participants should be able to:

  • Explain equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, protected class and other concepts and principles related to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO);
  • Describe standards that courts and investigators use when determining if and when illegal discrimination has occurred in the workplace;
  • Describe federal and state laws related to EEO and the scope and responsibilities of supervisors/ managers for enforcement of these laws;
  • Summarize legally defensible hiring practices;
  • Recognize, prevent, and correct unlawful workplace harassment;
  • Distinguish between employees', supervisors', and managers' rights and responsibilities regarding EEO policies and practices;
  • Creating and maintain an inclusive and productive environment where all employees feel valued and respected; and,
  • Identify best practice practices for working in a diverse and inclusive work environment.

How do I access the course?

University employees access the training through the NC Learning Center, a statewide learning management system, as an extended enterprise user. University employees will need to register with the North Carolina Learning Center and create an account.  Employees can use the "Quick Reference Guide" for assistance with creating an account, or employees may contact Sloane Abell, who is the designated UNCW Training Coordinator for EEODF by e-mailing or by calling 910-962-3856.

What is the course/curriculum structure and how long will it take to complete the course?

The course is offered in a blended format: 3 – 3.5 hours of online training, one full day of instructor-led classroom training, and a final assessment.

EEODF Online Modules (3 hours)

  • EEODF Module 1 – History and Law EEODF (45 minutes)
  • EEODF Module 2 – Americans with Disabilities Act EEODF (30 minutes)
  • EEODF Module 3 – Legally Defensible Hiring EEODF (25 minutes)
  • EEODF Module 4 – Unlawful Workplace Harassment EEODF (20 minutes)
  • EEODF Module 5 – EEO and You EEODF (25 minutes)
  • EEODF Module 6 – Diversity and Inclusion (30 minutes)

Classroom Training (7 hours)

  • An On-Line or In-Person training option is availbable. 
  • The classroom portion of the Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Fundamentals (EEODF) curriculum is designed to interactively apply lessons learned from the online modules. Participants will work individually and collaboratively with other managers and supervisors to address inequity, unlawful workplace harassment, diversity, and inclusion.
The final assessment administered after participants complete Part I and Part II will test participants’ ability to apply lessons learned from the course to everyday work situations. Successful completion (70% passing score) of the assessment is required. After completing the online assessment, please send your completion certificate to Sloane Abell at

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