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Adverse Weather Policy & Leave

Frequently Asked Questions

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It is the responsibility of each department head to predetermine and designate the mandatory operations of their department. You should check with your supervisor to determine your status.

If you are a non-mandatory employee, you can use accrued compensatory time to account for lost time from work. If you have no accrued compensatory time, you have the following options:

  • Use vacation leave
  • Use special leave
  • Use bonus leave. or
  • Use Adverse Weather Taken
  • Take leave without pay

Mandatory employees are expected to report to work and/or remain at work in compliance with the university’s Adverse Weather Plan.

No, the university may, but is not required, to offer employees the opportunity to make up time by working overtime. It is a manager decision based on business needs.

Your supervisor will be responsible for scheduling all make-up work. The make-up work must be scheduled within 90 days from the adverse weather occurrence.

The adverse weather rules state that you must use your sick day, vacation day or FMLA even if the university is under an adverse weather condition.

If you transfer to another state agency before the time is made up, the time allowed for adverse weather leave shall be charged to vacation or bonus leave. If there is not sufficient leave to cover the adverse weather liability, the payment for time charged to adverse weather shall be deducted from your paycheck.

Adverse weather liabilities not resolved within 90 days will be automatically deducted from accrued vacation/bonus leave. If you have insufficient vacation/bonus leave to cover the liability owed for adverse weather, then the remainder of the liability will be deducted from your next paycheck.

You would need to get approval from your supervisor. The university can deny your request to work on a holiday if it would result in undue hardship on the university or its employees. If your supervisor does approve for you to work on the holiday, you will not be eligible to receive Holiday Premium Pay, since you are volunteering to work to make up time.

There are no provisions under the Adverse Weather Policy for childcare due to school or childcare facility closings. For such situations, vacation leave is the appropriate category to account for absences.

The declaration of a State of Emergency does not impact accounting for time not worked. If you are a non-mandatory employee, you will be strongly encouraged to stay off the road unless it is an emergency travel situation and you will be expected to follow the provisions of the adverse weather policy for accounting for lost time from work.

With prior approval of your supervisor, you may be allowed to work from home if your job duties can be accommodated. For such work to be approved, your supervisor should be able to monitor that the assigned work was completed and how many hours were actually worked.

Your failure to report to work or remain at work during adverse weather conditions may result in disciplinary action and/or your supervisor/management may require hours missed to be charged to leave with or without pay, as appropriate.

Your department head or designee may determine that weather conditions justified the late arrival; however you are expected to notify your supervisor of your inability to report to work at your designated time due to weather conditions. In such cases, your supervisor may approve the lost time to be made up in lieu of using paid leave or leave without pay and no disciplinary action will be taken.

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