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UNCW Documents Faculty Handbook (status, reappointment, tenure & promotion, retirement & resignation, grievances, evaluation, benefits)
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Department of Music Documents

Faculty Documents
Department of Music Faculty Manual
Annual Review Format (MS Word)
Peer Observation Form
Credit hour equivalents policy
Student Absence Policy
Student Residency Policy
Student Handbook
Instrument Request Form
Accompanying Guidelines and Policies

Budget and purchasing
Budget Allocation Request Form
Deposit Transmittal Without Cash Receipting
Guest Artist Funding Guidelines
Guest Artist Proposal Form
Travel Request Form

Course offering matrix

Juries, Recitals, and Honors recital
End of the Semester Jury Report
Recital Proposal and Approval Form
Performance Assessment Form (spreadsheet)
Honors Recital Policy
Honors Recital Adjudication Form

Departmental documents
Standing and ad hoc committees
Scholarship Guidelines

Cultural Arts Building Facilities and Events

Event Summary Form
Facility Use Agreement for non-UNCW organizations
Facility Use Agreement (for UNCW Students and Organizations)

Approved Minutes from Faculty Meetings
8-21-12; 8-30-12; 9-27-12; 10-25-12; 11-29-12; 1-8-13; 1-25-13; 2-18-13; 5-19-13
8-20-13; 8-30-13; 9-27-13;

Department courses approved for University Studies- list of SLO's
MUS 106
MUS 111
MUS 114
MUS 115
MUS 116
MUS 117
MUS 150
MUS 184
MUS 185
MUS 186
MUS 187
MUS 230
MUS 345
MUS 351
MUS 352
MUS 493
MUS 496
FNA 101
FNA 101

NASM Resources
The Healthy Musician
Hearing Health Info Fact Sheet
Hearing Health for Faculty and Staff