Department of Music

Faculty Directory

Dr. Natalie Boeyink, Bass, Jazz Studies, Strings Coordinator
Dr. Frank Bongiorno, Saxophone, Jazz Studies
Ms. Christina Brier, Harp
Mr. Dakota Corbliss, French horn
Dr. Bettsy Curtis, Vocal Accompanist
Mr. Kevin Day, Trumpet
Ms. Marisa Dransoff, Uni-101 Music
Dr. Steven Errante, Theory/Composition, Orchestra, Conducting
Ms. Barbara Furr, Class Piano
Mr. Rusty Harmon, Music Industry
Mr. Mitch Hebert, Percussion
Dr. Paolo Gualdi, Jazz Piano
Mr. Jonathan Hill, Drum Set
Dr. Justin Hoke, Guitar, Theory
Dr. Daniel Johnson, Music Education, Music Fundamentals, Tuba/Euphonium
Ms. Karen Kane, Recording Technology
Dr. Nancy King, Chair, Voice, Opera Workshop
Dr. Jonathan Kladder, Music Education, Music Technology
Dr. Elizabeth Loparits, Collaborative and Applied Piano, Accompanying
Ms. Constance Paolantonio, voice
Mr. Byron Marshall, Class Piano
Mr. Ryan Mulder, Saxophone
Dr. Aaron Peisner, Director of Choral Activities
Dr. Barry Salwen, Piano, Music History
Mr. Jerald Shynett, Trombone, Jazz Studies
Ms. Emily Shyr, oboe
Dr. Clark Spencer, Strings
Dr. Helena K. Spencer, Music History, Bassoon
Mr. Dominic Talanca, Director of Bands, Music Education, Conducting
Mr. Michael Waddell, Clarinet, Woodwinds, Theory
Dr. Mary Jo White, Flute, Theory
Dr. Danijela Žeželj-Gualdi, Violin, Viola

Former Faculty

Dr. Joe Hickman, Emeritus, Director of Choral Activities, Conducting
Dr. Sherrill Martin, Emerita, Music History, Research in Music, Piano
Dr. John Rack, Percussion, Music Education, World Music and Dance