Department of Music

Steven Errante

MUS 112 Theory II, MUSL 112 Aural Skills and Sight-Singing

Materials are available on Blackboard

MUSIC 115 (Survey) Materials

Style Periods
Video Links
Classical Period Forms

Review for Exam. 1
Review for Exam. 2 (see also Classical Period Forms)
Review for Exam. 3
Review for Exam. 4
Listening examples for final exam

MUSIC 187-387 (Orchestra) Materials


UNCW String Ensemble (MUS 187-002) Syllabus

April 18, 2010- performance of First Leaf, Brandenburg 1st Mvt.

MUSL 204, 205, 206, 207- Applied Music Labs


MUSIC 211 (Theory III) Materials


Kostka-Payne Website, Part 4

Kostka-Payne workbook templates

Chord Progression
Voice-Leading Errors
Folk Songs Practice (Finale)
Folk Songs Practice (.pdf)
Hymnbook Example 1
Hymnbook Examples 2 and 3
Hymn Harmonization Practice1
Hymn Harmonization Practice2
Four-phase harmonization practice
Chromaticism Continuum
Secondary Dominants
Modulation Diagrams
Modulation Examples
Modulation from Choral Piece
Recipes for Neapolitan Sixth, Augmented Sixth Chords


Hymn Harmonization

Folk Songs Finale .pdf
Four-phase Harmonization Assignment
Star Spangled Banner
Workbook 18 H alternate
Mozart Theme Analysis
Melody Harmonization with Chromatic Chords

MUSIC 203 (Composition) Materials


MUSIC 300 (Applications) Materials

Course materials on Blackboard

MUSIC 301 (Form Analysis) Materials

Course materials on Blackboard

MUSIC 306 (Orchestration and Arranging) Materials

Course materials on Blackboard

Course materials
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