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Saxophone Studio

The UNCW Saxophone Studio

Welcome to the UNC Wilmington Saxophone Studio informational link! This link is designed to provide UNCW saxophone students, as well as prospective students, helpful information regarding saxophone study at UNCW. The links below may be viewed online, or downloaded and printed as a pdf file where indicated.

The primary goal of the UNCW saxophone studio is the study of saxophone fundamentals to develop skills, musicianship, and pedagogical concepts necessary for establishing a strong foundation in understanding and mastering the saxophone mechanics used in making music.

This goal is achieved through the study and performance of various materials, based on the student's curriculum, as outlined in the Saxophone Repertoire list, with a strong focus on the musical aspects of technique, articulation, tone development, air stream control, musical interpretation, and extended techniques, among others.

Saxophone Syllabus, Fall 2011
Includes information regarding purpose, objectives and requirements for the following:

  • Seminar
  • Lessons
  • Additional information including organizations & music dealers

Saxophone Repertoire & Select Recordings, Books (pdf.)
Includes recommended repertoire for the undergraduate saxophone.

• Solo saxophone literature (classical & jazz) for S, A, T &
• Select etudes & exercises
• Select saxophone discography
• Select chamber music

Additional Saxophone Materials for Download

Saxophone Pedagogy
This pdf link is a site to access articles and other pedagogical materials written by Frank Bongiorno:

Altissimo Development: Parts 1 & 2

Altissimo Development: Part 3
Basic Warm-Up Routine

MUS 184/384 Jazz Ensembles & MUS 130/330 Combo

Jazz Ensembles, Fall 2011

Excerpts of tunes:

Combo Saxtet

MUS 130/330 Saxophone Chamber Music

Saxophone Ensemble Syllabus, Spring 2011

Quartet Listening

MUS 365 Modern Jazz (Lecture)

Power point lectures (pdf)

Decline of Swing & Rise of Bebop
Parker Formulae summary
Confirmation analysis
Study Guides
Midterm Readings Listening Guide
Final Exam Materials

Listening examples:

MUS 325 Jazz Techniques & MUS 372 Jazz Pedagogy

Jazz Ensemble Director Observation Sheet

Jazz Pedagogy Syllabus

Jazz Techniques Syllabus

Jazz Pedagogy/Techniques PP Lectures
Intro to Jazz Education Jazz Ensemble Sections Improvisation/Performance
The Jazz Ensemble Rhythm Section/Band Set Up Jazz History Text Survey
Basic Jazz Concepts Selecting Music/Rehearsals
The Audition Process Jazz Combo

Study Score/Travelin