Department of Music

Audition Requirements


The minimum level of repertoire will be late intermediate (Music Minor) or early advanced repertoire for the BA degree or a Minor in music. BM Performance and Music Education majors will be required to perform at least one of the more challenging pieces below for admission to that degree track, with at least one piece from memory.

  • Applicants must perform two compositions of contrasting style that best represent your performance level (at least one piece should be memorized). Be prepared to perform the following:
  • Major and minor scales and arpeggios two (Music minor) or four octaves (BA & BM), hands together.
  • A work by Bach: Kleine Praeludien und Fughetten (Little Preludes and Fugues), a two-or three- part invention; a Scarlatti Sonata, or an equivalent work from the same period.
  • One movement of a sonatina or sonata by Clementi, Kuhlau, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, or an equivalent work.
  • One additional composition of your choice from the Romantic or Contemporary periods. (Scott Joplin will not be accepted as an audition piece.)
  • Sight-reading at the appropriate level.


Applicants must perform two compositions: one organ composition by J.S. Bach, and the other in a contrasting style. Applicants may audition on the organ or the piano. In addition, you will be asked to perform major scales and to sight-read some passages chosen to suit your technical capabilities.

Gleason Method of Organ Playing (selected studies); Bach Christ lag in Todesbanden, Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ, Vater unser im Himmerlreich, Ich ruf'zu dir, Alle Menschen m�ssen sterben (from Orgelb�chlein), Prelude and Fugue in E Minor; basic hymn playing