Department of Music

Music Admission & Audition Information

Admission to the University

Admission to UNCW and the Department of Music consists of a dual admission process. While application to the university is through the Office of Admissions, formal admission to the Department of Music and its degree programs must be made through an Audition Admission process. Audition applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the requested audition date. You must also have at least submitted the UNCW Office of Admissions application and paid the admissions application fee.

Admission to the Department of Music

Application to the Department of Music may be made before admission to the university is completed. However, acceptance to the Department of Music does not guarantee admission to UNCW.
Every applicant interested in pursuing a degree in music at UNCW is also required to audition before a faculty committee in the performance area(s) you select for acceptance into the music program. You may, if you wish, audition in more than one area. However, once approved in a principal performance area and/or degree program, another audition will be required to change the principal performance area, pursue multiple performance areas, or change from one degree program to another.
Each applicant desiring a degree in music will be considered by the faculty committee for acceptance on the basis of a successful audition in the applicant's principal performance medium. A satisfactory audition is required of all students pursuing a major or minor in music.

Audition Application

Online Department of Music Audition Application

• Purpose of the Audition
The audition serves as an opportunity for you to display your ability, as well as to meet the faculty. Furthermore, the audition day will provide you the opportunity to have questions answered concerning music study, the admissions process, scholarships and financial assistance, housing, campus life, and any other aspects of being a music student at UNCW.

• The Audition
The audition in your major performance area is the most important factor in determining whether or not you will be accepted as a music major or minor. It will normally last about ten minutes. Please read the Audition Repertoire Guidelines to prepare your audition accordingly. Students are encouraged to bring their own accompanists if needed; however, an accompanist may be provided upon request.

• The Theory Placement Test
The results of the Theory Placement Test will be used to determine placement within the music theory sequence for your degree program. The test covers:

  • Note names in treble, bass, and alto clefs
  • Recognition and construction of major and minor scales
  • Recognition and construction of intervals and triads (including inversions)
  • Sight-singing- 4-measure diatonic example with mostly scalewise motion and several skips outlining tonic chord
  • Melodic dictation- 2-measure diatonic example with mostly scalewise motion

(for transfers and those with pre-college theory experience)

  • Diatonic part-writing in four parts from Roman numerals
  • Diatonic part-writing in four parts with given figured bass

• The Piano Proficiency Examination

Students who are auditioning for a major in music may request a Piano Proficiency examination to determine if they are eligible to place out of any of the required Class Piano courses.

• Requesting an Audition
Your audition should be arranged in advance by submitting the Music Admissions Audition Application to the Department of Music. High school students are urged to audition early in their senior year. Students pursuing a major or minor in music should plan to audition during the year preceding enrollment at UNCW, or at the latest, during the week before the first semester of enrollment. Audition applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the requested audition date.

• Recorded Auditions
If traveling to UNCW for a live audition would be a hardship, you may upload an audition file through Acceptd. For more information, please contact Mr. Dominic Talanca, audition coordinator, at Please note: recorded auditions will not be accepted for those who wish to apply for a music scholarship.