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Teal Music Productions

Teal Music Productions is a student-run record label within the Department of Music at the
University of North Carolina Wilmington. The goal of Teal Music Productions is to highlight and
promote the musical talents of UNCW students, alumni and faculty.

Label services include music production, engineering, marketing, A&R, distribution, publishing, management, and
career development. Teal Music Production features state-of-the-art recording equipment, facilities, and a dedicated team of students.

The Teal Music Productions Team:

  • Student Manager: Hope Ingling
  • Recording Team: Crystin Williams, Aidan Shepard, Laura Waldeck, Dawson Newman
  • Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Justin Hoke

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Upcoming events:

  • Teal Music Productions Launch Concert
    Saturday, September 17, 2022
    7:30 p.m.
    Beckwith Recital Hall

  • Debut album release of TEALWAVES
    TEALWAVES is the launch album for the Teal Music Productions record label. This album is a
    compilation of Teal Music Production artists comprised of current students, alumni, and faculty.
    The songs that are included on this album showcase the outstanding talent and diverse
    musical creativity of the featured artists. Represented genres include classical, jazz, popular,
    electronic, hip-hop, and rock styles. The songs on this album consist of award-winning original
    compositions along with exciting new recordings of existing works.