Marine Mammal Stranding Program


Our Mission: To investigate strandings to improve our understanding of the biology of marine mammals that inhabit our local waters so that we may enhance their conservation. To educate students through their participation in marine mammal stranding investigations.

We are made up of student volunteers, faculty, and staff in the Department of Biology and Marine Biology. If you would like to volunteer, please let us know!

To Report a Marine Mammal Stranding: 910.515.7354

Please have the following information ready to report:

1) Exact location and directions to the strand site
2) Number of animals involved
3) Condition of animal (alive, dead, or injured)
4) Identification or description of animal (size, color, etc.)
5) Names and telephone numbers of people involved
6) Date and time of your observations 


NOTE: Live seals are visitors to our shores throughout the year. Periodically, they come onto land (haul out). This is natural seal behavior. Please treat seals with caution and approach no closer than 150 feet. If you do see a seal and have any concern that it may need assistance, please notify your local municipality, police department, or call the number above. For an excellent overview of seals in the mid-Atlantic, please see the VA Aquarium and Marine Science Center website.