Master of Coastal and Ocean Policy

Coastal and Ocean Policy

Master of Coastal and Ocean Policy

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The Master of Coastal and Ocean Policy (MCOP) is a professional, non-thesis, interdisciplinary degree program providing students with key knowledge and skills for navigating the interface of science and policy decision making.

MCOP students have the opportunity to explore

  • coastal science
  • environmental science
  • marine science
  • social science and humanities approaches to natural and physical sciences

while also gaining knowledge and experience in

  • policy analysis
  • environmental policy analysis
  • non-profit and non-governmental organization management
  • public budgeting and finance
  • environmental economics

The integration of knowledge areas, coastal and marine science with policy expertise, provides students with a strong foundation to pursue opportunities at the interface of science and policy.

"The challenges we face in the stewardship of the ocean, our coasts, and the Great Lakes lie not only within the ecosystems themselves, but also in the laws, authorities, and governance structures intended to manage our use and conservation of them."

-The Executive Office of the President, The Interagency of Ocean Policy Task Force