Department of Mathematics and Statistics


Students applying for the program should: 

  • Be citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

  • Continue to be enrolled in an undergraduate program Fall 2019.

Prefer Qualification

  • Rising junior or senior for academic year 2019-2020.

  • Major in mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics, or related STEM fields.

  • Have completed at least one course in statistics, integral calculus, and linear algebra respectively. 

  • Computational programming experience (preferred languages including R,Python, or Matlab).

  • Highly motivated to learn and explore new things.

  • Members of underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply.


Application deadline: March 31, 2019. To apply, you need to:


1. Submit the REU application package online, through the following link:

        Link for REU application submission

It requires (more details are provided below):
  • REU application form;
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Transcripts

2. Two letters of recommendation

In addition to the completion of the application form, please have two letters of recommendation submitted by Sunday, March 31, 2019, through the following link:

         Link for Online recommendation letter submission 

It requires:

Two reference letters, submitted separately by each of two referees who can assess your academic abilities, academic accomplishments and motivation, work habits, potential as a researcher, and your ability to participate in and benefit from a research internship program. Referees (e.g.: academic advisor) who can comment on your additional mathematics, statistics or computation background is the best.

How to prepare the Cover Letter, Resume, and Transcripts

Note that: All last three items of Cover Letter, Resume, and Transcripts must be merged into a single file named lastname_firstname_REU19.pdf (or doc file) before submission.
1. Cover Letter
Please provide a cover letter that includes four areas: Motivation, Achievement, Research Interests and Career Goals. Describes your interest in this program, your relevant academic achievements, why you can be an exceptional candidate, and the research interests and career goals. Address how this program can help you to achieve your career goals. Be specific and provide details. (2 pages maximum)

2. Resume
Please provide a copy your resume. It should include the coursework in mathematics and statistics, research experience, awards, honors, programming languages, presentation, extra-curricular activities, and working experience. However, previous research experience is NOT necessary for consideration.

3. Transcripts
An unofficial copy of your undergraduate transcript(s). The transcripts should be legible and contains all of your grades, courses completed and courses enrolled currently. An official transcript MUST be submitted before admitted into the program.