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Welcome to MarineQuest school programs, your classroom porthole to preK-12 marine and environmental education in coastal North Carolina. Experience the wonders of the coast with your students through hands-on classroom, field, and lab activities. All of our lessons are based on state and national education standards, including Ocean Literacy Principles, and highlight the different fields of study that make up marine science.   

UNCW MarineQuest School Programs is hitting the road this Fall! 

Van.pngUNCW MarineQuest is hitting the road in our mobile research lab this school year!  We aim to take the hassle out of planning a relevant marine science field trip experience for your students as part of our expanded Coast-to--Your-Classroom initiative.  MarineQuest educators will arrive with everything needed to turn an indoor or outdoor space into a science laboratory where students will get hands-on to explore the wonders of the marine environment.  There is almost no topic that cannot be taught from the perspective of marine science whether it is biology, chemistry, earth and environmental science, engineering, technology, or biotechnology.  Our programs are completely customizable to best meet the needs of each school and grade level (elementary-high school), with all activities aligned with the NC science curriculum standards. 

If you cannot host MarineQuest educators at your site, we are continuing to provide schools with interactive virtual field trip experiences including our ever-popular Power of Plankton & Impacts of Harmful Algal Blooms and hands-on Foldscope Microscopy virtual modules.

  • To begin the process of booking a Fall 2021 MarineQuest program, please fill out this brief survey.
  • To learn more about MarineQuest’s Coast-to-Your-Classroom program or any of our other field trip opportunities including virtual experiences, please contact Harris Muhlstein at or (910)962-3795.

Whether you are looking for your students to discover the marvels of the ocean in your space or in cyberspace, MarineQuest has you covered!

Marine Science School Programs - UNC Wilmington MarineQuestSpring 2022 Program Reservations

To make a Spring 2022 school reservation or to reserve a program date, please complete the Program Reservation Request Form (submission of form does not guarantee date is available). After submitting your program form, please follow-up with an e-mail or by phone to verify that it has been received or (910) 962-2640.

Note that prices, content, dates, and times are subject to change without notice. Questions? Call (910) 962-2640 or send an e-mail to

On-Site and Field Programs

Ocean Explorers: Grades K-12
Half-day classroom and laboratory activities and tours at the UNCW Center for Marine Science

Coastal Encounters: Grades 3 - 12
A full day of classroom, laboratory and field activities based out of the UNCW Center for Marine Science

Outreach - Bringing Marine Science into the Classroom

Coast-to-Your-Classroom: Grades K - 8
Four hours of interactive presentations or science center rotations delivered at your school by our environmental educators

*Ask about our special Sea Squirts Coast to Classroom program for preschools

New! MarineQuest Engineering Outreach Programs.

UNCW MarineQuest is hitting the road in our mobile research lab this school year!  We aim to take the hassle out of planning a relevant marine science field trip experience for your students as part of our expanded Coast-to-Classroom initiative.  

Student will investigate:

  • Coastal Engineering - interactions between coastlines and bodies of water, including erosion, beach renourishment, coastal resiliency and designing ports and harbors.
  • Naval Architecture - interactions between vessels and the marine environment, including ship hull design, impacts of biofouling and tools of marine defense.
  • Water Wave Mechanics - the physical properties and behavior of waves, how we study and monitor them, and use them to human advantage.
  • Blue Energy – harvesting energy from waves, wind, ocean thermal energy conversion and currents, as well as the benefits and conflicts of the blue energy revolution.

Learning Programs for Schools - UNC Wilmington MarineQuestTeacher Professional Development

Workshop Series
MarineQuest offers workshops throughout the year to give teachers new science skills, learn up-to-date marine science knowledge, and help teachers bring marine science into their classroom. Earn CEU credits and MarineQuest credentials. Stay tuned for new programs coming soon!