Grades pre-K - 8

MarineQuest's Coast-to-Classroom brings the ocean to your school for a hands-on discovery experience. Participating schools can choose either Science Center Rotations or interactive group presentations. Discussion topics and station rotations are grade appropriate and incorporate North Carolina and National Science Standards and Ocean Literacy Principles.

Science Center Rotations

The Science Center Rotations have become Marine Quest's most popular Coast-to-Classroom option. These rotations are formatted to fit a smaller (20-30 students or an average class size) group. The MarineQuest staff will set-up a variety of stations (typically 3) in a multi-purpose or larger open space and after a group introduction, the students will be sub-divided and rotate from one station to the next learning about a variety of marine science topics. These "sub-stations" allow for the group to be broken down even smaller (8-10 students) which allows for this activity to be more "hands-on" and "experiential." Each station is designed with its own theme (Live Marine Invertebrate Touch Tank, Hands-on Experiment, and Interactive Displays). A typical program with this option may consist of 5 different classes to participate in their own rotation which would last about 45 min.

Interactive Group Presentations

The interactive group presentations are formatted to fit large groups and consist of visual power points and discussions about marine science topics. These presentations can range from 20 minutes to 45 minutes. During the conclusion groups are invited to view some of the live and preserved specimens brought by the MarineQuest Staff. A typical program with this option may consist of 5 (30 minute) presentations allowing for a variety of grades to be rotated in throughout the day.

Sample Topics and Stations

  • Mobile Touch Tankgirl holding banded tulip in touch tank
  • Ocean Currents
  • Plankton Studies
  • Sands Around The World
  • Marine Mollusks
  • Sharks and Rays
  • Salt Marshes
  • Marine Animal Adaptations
  • Ocean Life Cycles
  • Exploring Sea Water

Customizing Your Program

We know that not all schools fit the 4-hour block model. If your school has fewer students our MarineQuest staff can work with your needs to customize your experience. Please call our office for more details.