Dive Instructor

Have a passion for marine science & research diving? Join the MarineQuest team as a dive instructor and share your knowledge and experience with future marine scientists. Assist professional dive instructors from Aquatic Safari as they train students for open water, advanced open water, and specialty certifications; conduct research projects with students and UNCW faculty; and guide students through a safe and fun pre-college experience.

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  1. Provide "hands-on, feet-wet" instruction for campers age 14-17
  2. Supervise campers on land and water (including on boats), in classroom, in the field, and during lunch
  3. Provide first aid to campers
  4. General clean up and maintenance of camp
  5. Transport campers in 12-passenger vans safely
  6. Behavior management
  7. Ensure MarineQuest policies, safety expectations, and staffing ratios are carried out at all times
  8. Communicate with and assist UNCW faculty members while they work with the program students


  1. Must be at least 21 and have a valid driver's license
  2. Advanced or higher level SCUBA certification is required with a strong preference towards candidates with a Rescue Diver or higher level of certification (scientific diving experience also preferred).
  3. Must be able to lead and participate in demanding outdoor learning experiences (rain or shine), including by boat and in potentially semi-rough seas.
  4. Must have strong oral communication skills to communicate effectively with campers, parents, and staff
  5. Must demonstrate initiative and leadership qualities
  6. Must have previous experience and desire to work with teens
  7. Must have previous scuba diving experience and be comfortable working with campers in and under the water
  8. Preference is for candidates who have already completed a bachelors degree in a field of study related to the marine sciences. Minimum requirement is two years towards a bachelor's degree in a field of study related to the marine sciences, diving, or education.
  9. Knowledge of local marine habitats and boating experience are a plus
  10. Underwater photography and/or editing experience a plus
  11. CPR/First Aid is required (must be obtained by June 11, 2017)
  12. Lifeguard Certification is required (or equivalent level of diving safety training; must be obtained by June 11, 2017; MarineQuest may attempt to organize an American Red Cross class before staff training begins. Cost would be approximately $250.00. If interested in this option, please contact Harris Muhlstein); however we encourage you to pursue alternate certification options.

Terms of Employment:

  1. June 1 through August 3, Monday through Friday
  2. Mandatory staff training during the weeks of June 1 through June 8
  3. Average work week is 40 hours from 7:45am-4:15pm Monday-Thursday, and 7:45am-1:45pm Friday.
  4. Pay rate starts at $10.00/hr, dependent on qualifications
  5. Some lunches provided while working

Employment is subject to a criminal and Homeland Security background check.

Diving Ages 14-17

Instructors have the opportunity to lead three different scuba diving based programs in one summer: Dive Hawks, Sea Shots, and Underwater Ichthyologist. As a Dive Hawks instructor you will help students focus on the how SCUBA has changed the way marine scientists study the ocean through underwater research techniques. You will guide student exploration of careers in scuba diving, all while obtaining their Open Water certification. As a Sea Shots instructor you will work with students pursuing their Digital Underwater Photographer diver specialty certification. With this program you will help students master the skill of underwater photography and how to edit their masterpieces. It is critical that instructors are familiar with basic photography, and knowledgeable with editing footage. As students will be using GoPros it is important that instructors are familiar with them and are responsible for supervising student use of equipment, and also properly maintaining all equipment. Underwater Ichthyologist focuses on two specialties: Fish ID and Shark Conservation. Knowledge of local fish species is a plus.

Note: Actual scuba diving certification instruction and in water dives are led by Aquatic Safaris, not MarineQuest staff; MQ staff transport students to/from dive sites and classes; monitor the dive instruction for compliance; lead non-diving classroom/field activities; supervise students' behavior/ handling of all equipment.


As an Oceans-17 instructor you will lead MarineQuest's most prestigious program! You will have the opportunity to work with a select group of serious marine enthusiasts as they collect and interpret data alongside research professors, staff and students at UNCW over their three week stay. Students will learn numerous observation and collection techniques including SCUBA diving and ROV operation, in addition to examining the science and benefits of algal bio-fuel and aquaculture initiatives. Instructors will lead students through a variety of applied skills, research techniques, and hands-on marine science in our capstone Oceans-17 program. For this program it is critical that instructor has substantial research and SCUBA experience.