Interactive Program Video

We created an Interactive Program Video of the Turtle Trash Collectors program, where you can virtually conduct a simulated sea turtle necropsy, or animal dissection. We use a model sea turtle that we modified with plush internal organs. Simulations are an incredibly powerful teaching tool and we have found students become very invested in the program and truly feel like a scientist. Please be aware that the model dissection may upset sensitive viewers, especially younger students (2nd grade and below).

Throughout the video, there will be places to pause and discuss observations and predictions with your students. We also include two optional printable resources (Datasheet or Flipbook) that you can use to keep students engaged. We recommend using one (not both) of these with your students, and we provide places to pause and record data and information in the recording. The Datasheet is designed for older students (4th grade and up), while the Flipbook is ideal for younger viewers (3rd grade and younger). 

For more information and additional activities and lesson extensions, please view our Program Activities Guide.