Join our citizen science project

Join Our Citizen Science Project!

Since the spread of COVID-19 and quarantines around the world, Mother Earth has started to heal. Air quality has improved and animals are returning to areas where they haven’t been seen in a long time! We want to find out if marine debris has also improved and we need your help. By collecting data on litter in our neighborhoods, we can understand how COVID-19 impacts pollution and marine debris. 

Here's how you can help:

-Pick a place you can do a cleanup, perhaps your neighborhood, the local park, or the beachcleanup-route-example.PNG

-You will need to cleanup this route 3 times: once now, then again when quarantine restrictions are lifting, and once more when everything is reopened and back to normal

-During each cleanup, keep track of the trash you collect using a data sheet and report your data to us so we can keep track of everyone’s progress!

This is a great way to earn your Turtle Trash Collectors digital badges, too!

Click here for our 2TC Citizen Science Project guide!

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