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Ocean engineering is the application of engineering principles in the ocean environment. The diversity of this environment and the challenge of the ocean frontier make it an exciting career for young engineers. Within this field, engineers can specialize in the areas of naval architecture, water wave mechanics, blue energy and coastal engineering.


Coastal engineering has become an increasingly important part of ocean engineering.  With over half of the world’s population living along the coast and experiencing pollution, clean energy needs, climate change, sea level rise, severe storms, and erosion, coastal engineers are in demand to find solutions to these challenges.

UNCW is an internationally recognized leader in coastal and marine science education and research, and the first university in the U.S. to offer a Bachelor of Science degree focused on coastal engineering.

MarineQuest will serve as a preK-12 pipeline to this degree program by offering opportunities for youth to engage in coastal engineering with

Our new Coastal Engineering Associate Pat Kistler joined the MarineQuest team after receiving his degree in Ocean Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology.  While at FIT Mr. Pat also engaged in educational outreach to local schools through the Indian River Lagoon Mobile Research Laboratory, also known as the Science Bus.  Combining his knowledge and skills in ocean engineering with his passion for outreach makes Mr. Pat a perfect fit for MarineQuest.