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Wave Breaking News

UNCW MarineQuest's School Programs Coordinator is a Real Life Hero!Harris Muhlstein, School Program Coordinator

On May 10, 2018, MQ School Programs Coordinator, Harris Muhlstein, rescued three young adult men from the ocean when they got caught in a rip tide at Ft. Fisher beach. Mr. Muhlstein was at the beach with a visiting school group teaching when he noticed the swimmers. After ensuring the school children were safe with their teacher and adult helpers, Mr. Muhlstein swam out to the three young men caught in the rip tide and provided them with his float. After 20 minutes, Mr. Muhlstein was able to safely get all three to the shore and one young man was transported by EMT. We're happy Mr. Muhlstein was able to save these young men and proud to have him as a part of our MarineQuest team!

UNCW to Host 2018 Blue Heron Bowl!

On February 16th and 17th 14 teams from across NC will come to UNCW to compete in the 2018 Blue Heron Bowl, the statewide competition that leads into the national Ocean Bowl.

Registration Now Open for Summer 2018!

Please visit our summer programs page to learn more about what is being offered and check out our New Programs for Summer 2018. MarineQuest Summer 2018 Programs

UNCW MarineQuest and NOAA Marine Debris Outreach Program a "huge" success!

During the 2015-2016 school year, UNCW MarineQuest hit the road with its life-size inflatable whale classroom to educate upper elementary and middle school students about environmental issues related to marine debris. The yearlong project Traveling Through Trash: Coastal Migratory Animal Encounters with Marine Debris served over 10,000 students in rural schools in the coastal Carolinas. The goals of the project were to increase student awareness of the sources of marine debris and to encourage their participation in ocean stewardship. Surprise findings included a lack of geographic knowledge of students coastal location.  For more information contact Dr. Kezios.

Congratulations 2017 Blue Heron Bowl Winners!

The team from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics took first place at this year's regional Ocean Sciences Bowl. Thirteen teams from around the state and a guest team from Tennessee participated. This year's first prize was a fish shaped skateboard made from recycled derelict fishing nets. Can't wait to host the bowl again next year!