MARBIONC connects biotechnology to product development in the health and food sectors.

From Lab to Marketplace

MARBIONC scientists and research staff use an efficient, three-step process to guide a product from the marine environment to the marketplace.

  • They identify niche markets to ensure products are developed to meet specific needs.
  • They assemble teams from science, business and academia that match the needs of the product with the specific needs of their partners.
  • They provide the infrastructure and support necessary to bring the new marine products to the marketplace.

Concept behind MARBIONC

The concept of MARBIONC at UNCW is to develop new marine-based products and technologies that lead to:

  • New industries and companies via research and collaboration
  • Augmentation of existing industries
  • Increases in trained workforce via the educational programs offered at UNCW

Explore MARBIONC research in the health and food sectors