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Services for UNCW Students

Seahawk Mail wants to ensure that parents and students have every opportunity to keep in contact. We offer a variety of services to help students communicate with family and friends, and we also offer opportunities for students to receive communications from the university.

For general questions, call Seahawk Mail at 910.962.3750 or e-mail

  • Campus Mailboxes

    For students living on campus, the campus box serves as their official campus address and the only mailing address.

    Campus Box Assignments

    Campus boxes are required and are automatically assigned for the below students:

    • Freshmen
    • Residential students
    • International students

    All other students wishing the convenience of an on-campus shipping address must fill out the appropriate form below and bring to the Fisher University Union. Campus boxes will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis until the campus boxes are gone. Campus boxes are required for residents of UNCW.

    Rental Rates for Student Campus Boxes

    Rental Period Rate
    Rental per semester
  • Student UNCW Mailing Address

    To receive mail/packages to your UNCW campus box, it must be addressed as follows:

    [Student's Full Name]
    601 South College Road
    UNCW Station CB #_ _ _ _ _
    Wilmington NC 28407 - _ _ _ _

    CB# = 5-digit Campus Box Number

    Add the last 4 digits of your campus box number after the UNCW zip code.


    * Please note that UNCW has been assigned a unique zip code for student mail. If you have issues using 28407 as the zip code, 28403 is also acceptable.

  • Package Notification & Pickup


    • E-mail notifications are generated regularly until your package/mail is picked up.
    • If your package/mail is not picked up after a sufficient time, the package/letter will be returned to the sender as "unclaimed."


    1. Check your campus e-mail to confirm your package/mail is ready for pickup.
      Note: Packages/mail are not ready for pickup until you receive an e-mail from Seahawk Mail. Please allow for processing time in our system. We always strive to make pickup a quick and easy process.
    2. The notification email will let you know if your package/letter is at the Pickup Window or the Smart Package Lockers.

      Sample Notification for LockersSample Notification for Pickup Window
    3. Visit Seahawk Mail in the Fisher University Union, and follow the below instructions:

    • Instructions for the Smart Package Lockers
      Video Instructions
      1. Hold your UNCW One Card on the card scanner of the correct Kiosk (as noted in email)
      2. Within a few seconds, the locker with your package will open
      3. Retrieve your package and close the locker
      4. If you have a package in another locker, repeat the above steps.
    • Instructions for the Pickup Window
      1. Hold your UNCW One Card on the card scanner
      2. Your package(s) will be retrieved by the window clerk
      3. Sign on the signature pad
  • Forwarding Address
    Students: Submit your Winter Forwarding Address Here!

    The mail forwarding form must be completed if a student participates in any of the following programs or if these certain situations arise in a semester:

    • Study abroad
    • Student teaching
    • Internship
    • Exchange program
    • Not enrolled or returning for the semester
    • Withdraw
    • Emergency medical leave
    • Graduating

    Upon return, students need to notify Seahawk Mail and receive a new campus box assignment.

    Students who graduate, or who will not return to UNCW, will have personal first-class mail forwarded for one year and magazines/newspapers forwarded for 60 days. To avoid the delays in forwarding mail, notify anyone sending mail to your UNCW campus box of your new address.

    Seahawk Mail is allowed to forward only U.S. Postal Service (USPS) packages, letters, newspapers and magazines. We are not able to forward FedEx or UPS packages. All FedEx or UPS packages will be returned to the sender if not picked up.

  • Summer Procedures

    Campus Box Request/Forwarding Form is available at the Postal front counter and online. This form must be completed to request your campus box to remain open or closed during summer sessions. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY!

    Students who do not complete the form will have their campus box closed, and any mail or packages will be returned to the sender.

    A campus box can remain open even if a student is not attending a summer session, but the student needs to be pre-registered for the fall semester.

    If a student elects to close their campus box for the summer:

    • Only personal U.S. Postal Service (USPS) mail is forwarded. This would include first-class letters and magazines or newspapers.
    • Seahawk Mail is not allowed to forward FedEx or UPS mail or parcels. All FedEx or UPS packages will be returned to the sender if not picked up.
    • Campus mail is not forwarded. Campus mail is returned to the department with a "box closed for summer" notification.

  • Student Package & Gift Deliveries

    For the safety of our students, all packages and gifts (such as flowers, gift baskets and balloons) are delivered to the Seahawk Mail Center, located in the Fisher University Union. Seahawk Mail does not deliver packages to residence halls.

    Before any package or gift can be picked up, the student must present a picture ID to the postal window clerk!

    Delivery of Flowers, Gift Baskets and Balloons

    Seahawk Mail notifies students by a courtesy phone call and e-mail, requesting they come to the mail window located in the Fisher University Union to sign for and receive their package. Special assistance is available upon request for those with special needs.

    Delivery of Perishable Items or Medical Supplies

    Seahawk Mail notifies students by e-mail, requesting they come to the mail window located in the Fisher University Union to sign for and receive their package. Special assistance is available upon request for those with special needs.

    Perishable items or medical supplies requiring special handling are stored in a refrigerator until the student picks up the mail at the postal window in the Fisher University Union.

    Monetary Gifts

    Do not send cash. Seahawk mail recommends that you use checks or money orders rather than cash when sending monetary gifts. Money orders can be bought at Seahawk Mail.

    How to Send Packages to UNCW Students

    • When shipping perishable items or medical supplies that need special handling, please place a notation on the package (e.g. refrigerate).
    • When sending flowers, gift baskets and balloons, include the student's full name and campus box number.
    • Address other packages to students as noted below:

    Student's Complete Name
    UNCW Station - CB #_ _ _ _ _
    601 South College Road
    Wilmington NC 28407 - _ _ _ _

    CB# = Campus Box Number

    Add the last 4 digits of the student's campus box number in the UNCW zip code + 4.