Seahawk Mail

Summer Procedures

A Campus Box Request/Forwarding Form is put in every student campus box near the end of the spring semester. This form must be completed to request your campus box to remain open or closed during summer sessions. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY!

Students who do not complete the form will have their campus box closed, and any mail or packages will be returned to the sender.

A campus box can remain open even if a student is not attending a summer session, but the student needs to be pre-registered for the fall semester.

If a student elects to close their campus box for the summer:

  • Only personal U.S. Postal Service (USPS) mail is forwarded. This would include first-class letters and magazines or newspapers.
  • Seahawk Mail is not allowed to forward FedEx or UPS mail or parcels. All FedEx or UPS packages will be returned to the sender if not picked up.
  • Campus mail is not forwarded. Campus mail is returned to the department with a "box closed for summer" notification.