Seahawk Mail

Forwarding Address

The mail forwarding form must be completed if a student participates in any of the following programs or if these certain situations arise in a semester:

  • Study abroad
  • Student teaching
  • Internship
  • Exchange program
  • Not enrolled or returning for the semester
  • Withdraw
  • Emergency medical leave
  • Graduating

Upon return, students need to notify Seahawk Mail and receive a new campus box assignment.

Students who graduate, or who will not return to UNCW, will have personal first-class mail forwarded for one year and magazines/newspapers forwarded for 60 days. To avoid the delays in forwarding mail, notify anyone sending mail to your UNCW campus box of your new address.

Seahawk Mail is allowed to forward only U.S. Postal Service (USPS) packages, letters, newspapers and magazines. We are not allowed to forward FedEx or UPS mail or parcels. All FedEx or UPS packages will be returned to the sender if not picked up.