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Every day UNCW processes large quantities of outgoing mail. Much of this mail is sent out under the university's non-profit mailing permit as standard mail.

What Is Standard Mail?

Standard mail is a term referring to a large mailing of identical material. Commonly, these mailings are classified as Standard A mail (formerly 3rd Class) by the USPS.

Standard Mail Discounted Postage Rates

Standard mailings are an effective means to reach a large audience at discounted postage rates. The postage costs are discounted because the sender provides the labor required to prepare the mail for entry into the USPS system. In order to take advantage of the university's non-profit mailing status at a lower cost to departments, mail must be prepared according to strict USPS guidelines (see

Criteria for Standard Mail

  • A minimum of 200 pieces or 50 lbs. of identical mail is required.
  • All mail must be destined for a U.S. address. No foreign mail may be sent in a standard mailing.
  • The pieces must be of identical size, weight and content, no exceptions made.
  • Each piece must weigh less than 16 oz.
  • The mailing piece must be printed or duplicated material.
  • Standard mail cannot contain bills, statements, or personal messages.
  • Mail pieces must be rectangle in shape. The address must be placed parallel to the longer side of the mailing piece.

Printable Standard Mail Resources For Departments

How Seahawk Mail Can Help

Although there are many "rules" to follow, here is the good news! UNCW Seahawk Mail, which is the permit holder for the university's standard mail, has the knowledge and the proper equipment to provide you with a turnkey mailing service to get your standard mailing into the USPS mail stream at the lowest possible prices. Our automated processes can save you both time and money.

Our Standard Mail Services

Call 962-3734 for a quote or consultation today;
we are glad to assist you.

  • Consultation:
    Seahawk Mail can help you with every detail of preparing a mailing, including mail preparation, postage and delivery. We have the information and experience you need to do it right the first time.
  • Labeling:
    When you send us the electronic data, we can certify your mailing list with the U.S. Postal Service to ensure the maximum deliverable addresses on your list. A delivery point barcode is placed on your mail to speed your mail to its delivery point, and we will send you a list of all undeliverable addresses to allow you to correct your mailing list.
  • Sorting:
    Once the mail is addressed and in zip code order, it must be sorted by specific USPS criteria. We have the trained staff to sort according to USPS rules.
  • Automated Sorting:
    Departments that provide their mailing list in an electronic format will have their mailing sorted by specialty software. This software is compliant with all USPS postal regulations, and since it's much faster than a manual process, it saves you time and money.
  • Tabbing:
    The USPS now requires tabbing for self-mailing pieces. If your mail is not tabbed, the USPS charges an extra fee and, in some cases, they may refuse to accept your un-tabbed mail.