Seahawk Mail

Pre-Sort First Class Mail Discounts


Pre-sort first class mail discounts are available for departments with Mail Center meter accounts. Current charges offer a savings of $0.03 per piece on one- and two-ounce letters.

By combining mail with that of other departments, Seahawk Mail is able to generate volumes sufficient for pre-sort discounts. The Mail Center meters letter mail at the pre-sort first class rate. The mail is picked up each day by a pre-sort vendor, which prepares and barcodes the mail for U.S. Postal Service automation and delivers the mail directly to the U.S. Postal Service.

In order to take advantage of the discount, the only preparation necessary by the department is to comply with the addressing requirements.

Addressing Requirements

  • Addresses must be machine printed; NO handwritten addresses.
  • Left-justify all type.
  • The font or type style should have plain block letters or sans serif typeface
    (fixed pitch font).
  • The font size should be a maximum of 15 CPI (characters per inch) with 10 CPI preferred.
    For word processors, font size should be a minimum of 8 or more, with 12-14 preferred.