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Services For Faculty & Staff

Seahawk Mail offers a variety of services for faculty and staff of the university. Please refer to the links on the left side of this page for useful information regarding these services.

For general questions, call 910.962.2210 or e-mail

  • Address Guidelines

    In March 2001, UNCW implemented the campus zip + 4 codes to improve mail services and provide a more effective and efficient way to process mail for our UNCW community. All university departments will share the main zip code 28403, but the "plus-4" is a specific and unique four-digit number assigned to each department.

    The campus zip +4 codes will accompany the address on all envelopes, letterhead, business cards, incoming mail and intra-campus correspondence identifying that specific department. This eliminates confusing abbreviations and improves speed and accuracy in sorting. Encourage your correspondents to send their replies to your full address.

    Building and room numbers should not be used in campus addresses, with the following exception:

    • Special note for non-USPS shipments:
      Since private carriers such as UPS and Fed Ex deliver directly to university departments, these shipments must include the department street address, room number and contact name.

    Formats for Addressing U.S. Mail and Intra-Campus Mail

    For automation purposes, the U.S. Postal Service prefers black ink, block form addresses with a uniform left-hand margin, and no punctuation except for the dash between the zip code and the "plus-4."

    Intra-campus mail:

    Department Name
    # _ _ _ _ ( Zip +4)

    U.S. mail:

    Mr John Doe
    Seahawk Mail
    University of North Carolina Wilmington
    601 South College Rd
    Wilmington NC 28403-5608

  • Business Reply Mail

    Business Reply Mail® (BRM) uses preprinted first-class mail pieces for which you, not your customer, pay the return postage. BRM enables a permit holder to receive first-class mail back from customers and pay postage and a per-piece charge only for the pieces returned.

    Special services (e.g., certified, COD, insurance, registration, return receipt) are not permitted with BRM, nor is domestic BRM to be distributed to foreign countries.

    For advice on printing the special BRM envelopes necessary to use this BRM service, contact Printing Services at 910.962.3289.

    Please contact Sam Nevarez at Seahawk Mail, phone 910.962.2210, at least two weeks before mailing.

  • Campus Box Rentals

    Campus box rentals are available only to permanent employees of UNCW. If you would like to sign up for one, stop on by with your UNCW Onecard to Seahawk Mail, located in the Fisher University Union.

    Campus boxes are accessible at these times:

    • 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday
    • 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Friday
    • If mail/packages are put in the smart package lockers, they will be accessible during the Fisher University Union hours

    Rental Rates for Faculty and Staff Campus Boxes

    Rental Period Rate
    6 months
    12 months
  • State of NC Courier Mail

    The State Courier Service services almost all city, county, and state agencies.

    Courier mail is delivered to UNCW once daily at 7:30 a.m. every morning and is distributed to departments on the morning scheduled mail route. Outgoing courier mail is picked up once daily after regular business hours, and deliveries are made in two days to most locations.

    The following procedures should be employed to use State Courier Service.

    • Address mail using the addressee's name, agency, or department name, city, and the proper courier box number. State Courier Service Directories are available upon request from Seahawk Mail.
    • Return addresses must include the department name and UNCW's courier box number, 04-15-26.
    • The destination "Courier Mail" or "State Courier" should be written or rubber stamped in large bold letters - preferably in red - on the lower left side of the envelope.
    • Bundle and place courier mail in your campus mail pouch for pickup on regularly scheduled mail routes.
  • Departmental Changes & Moves

    The campus zip +4 code assigned to each department will not change, even if a department moves to another building or to an off-campus location.

    Notify Seahawk Mail of Changes

    An e-mail from a department official is required to notify Seahawk Mail at of any department changes. These changes would include:

    • An employee transfer to another department
    • Temporary or permanent department moves
    • Department or employee name changes

    The university campus is, and will be, experiencing many renovations and department moves that may be either temporary or permanent. Your notifications will enable Seahawk Mail to continue precise mail service without any delays or interruptions.

  • Departmental Mailings to Students

    Mailings to Specific Students

    • Must be addressed with each student's name and campus box number.
    • Must display a UNCW department return address.
    • Must be presented to Seahawk Mail in campus box number order.

    Unclaimed mail is returned to departments after each semester. Mail is also returned to departments if the student is not currently enrolled, or another specific reason may be given.

    Mailings Distributed to All Students (such as information flyers)

    • Individual addresses should not be used.
    • An 8 ½ x 11 paper must be folded in thirds to accommodate the size of the boxes.
    • Seahawk Mail should be notified three days in advance if a department has a mail stuffing for student campus boxes.
  • Intra-Campus Mail

    Intra-campus mail is delivered daily, on normal university workdays. Intra-campus mail is always sorted upon return to Seahawk Mail and will reach the department of destination on the next scheduled mail route.

    • Mail can be sent via campus mail from one department to another free of charge.
    • Large-volume campus mailings must be separated and banded according to department.
    • Recycled envelopes can be used for intra-campus correspondence if the new destination is clear and easy to read (be sure to follow addressing guidelines). Departments may request recycled envelopes from Seahawk Mail, or departments may request that Seahawk Mail pick up their envelopes if the department has too many.
  • Metered Mail
    • All department mailings must display a UNCW department return address.
    • Seahawk Mail can seal #10 business size envelopes ONLY along with applying the postage if all unsealed envelopes are banded together and uniformly faced with flaps in the closed position.
    • Envelopes that are already sealed should be uniformly bundled as well. Separating international, state courier, student or intra-campus mail will ensure proper postage and faster delivery.
  • Personal Mail
    • Employees may place outgoing personal mail in departmental mail pouches. Prior to placing in the department mail pouch, all personal mail must be stamped, sealed and banded. Seahawk Mail cannot apply postage to personal mail. Personal mail is turned over to the U.S. Postal Service as it is received by Seahawk Mail.
    • Outgoing personal mail is collected, along with campus mail, on regularly scheduled mail routes.
    • Please note that no personal mail or packages should be addressed to campus offices. Campus boxes are available for rental by faculty and staff.
  • Postal Charges to Departments
    • Departments must identify fund numbers to be charged for postage. This can be done by writing the designated fund number above the department return address on the top envelope of your bundle or securing a post-it-note with the fund number to the bundle.
    • All postal charges will appear on your departmental account screens with a 926500 account code.
    • The following are examples of postal charges.
      • Postage
      • Business reply
      • Address corrections
      • Postage due
      • Courier mail
      • Envelope charges
    • All USPS mail items will include an additional $0.05 handling charge per item to offset the cost of consumables (e.g., labels, ink)
  • Standard Mail Center

    Location: 4855 Price Drive
    Hours of operation: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

    Phone 910.962.2210
    For a quote or consultation.

    E-mail (for submitting mailing lists):

    Every day UNCW processes large quantities of outgoing mail. Much of this mail is sent out under the university's non-profit mailing permit as standard mail.

    What Is Standard Mail?

    Standard mail is a term referring to a large mailing of identical material. Commonly, these mailings are classified as USPS Marketing Mail by the USPS.

    Standard Mail Discounted Postage Rates

    Standard mailings are an effective means to reach a large audience at discounted postage rates. The postage costs are discounted because the sender provides the labor required to prepare the mail for entry into the USPS system. In order to take advantage of the university's non-profit mailing status at a lower cost to departments, mail must be prepared according to strict USPS Standard Mail Guidlines.

    Criteria for Standard Mail

    • A minimum of 200 pieces or 50 lbs. of identical mail is required.
    • All mail must be destined for a U.S. address. No foreign mail may be sent in a standard mailing.
    • The pieces must be of identical size, weight and content, no exceptions made.
    • Each piece must weigh less than 16 oz.
    • The mailing piece must be printed or duplicated material.
    • Standard mail cannot contain bills, statements, or personal messages.
    • Mail pieces must be rectangle in shape. The address must be placed parallel to the longer side of the mailing piece.

    Printable Standard Mail Resources For Departments

    How Seahawk Mail Can Help

    Although there are many "rules" to follow, here is the good news! UNCW Seahawk Mail, which is the permit holder for the university's standard mail, has the knowledge and the proper equipment to provide you with a turnkey mailing service to get your standard mailing into the USPS mail stream at the lowest possible prices. Our automated processes can save you both time and money.

    Our Standard Mail Services

    Call 910.962.2210 for a quote or consultation today;
    we are glad to assist you.

    • Consultation:
      Seahawk Mail can help you with every detail of preparing a mailing, including mail preparation, postage and delivery. We have the information and experience you need to do it right the first time.
    • Labeling:
      When you send us the electronic data, we can certify your mailing list with the U.S. Postal Service to ensure the maximum deliverable addresses on your list. A delivery point barcode is placed on your mail to speed your mail to its delivery point, and we will send you a list of all undeliverable addresses to allow you to correct your mailing list.
    • Sorting:
      Once the mail is addressed and in zip code order, it must be sorted by specific USPS criteria. We have the trained staff to sort according to USPS rules.
    • Automated Sorting:
      Departments that provide their mailing list in an electronic format will have their mailing sorted by specialty software. This software is compliant with all USPS postal regulations, and since it's much faster than a manual process, it saves you time and money.
    • Tabbing:
      The USPS now requires tabbing for self-mailing pieces. If your mail is not tabbed, the USPS charges an extra fee and, in some cases, they may refuse to accept your un-tabbed mail.