Seahawk Mail

Departmental Changes & Moves

The campus zip +4 code assigned to each department will not change, even if a department moves to another building or to an off-campus location.

If one department has two locations, the campus zip + 4 code will be shared, and another location description will be added (e.g., University Advancement - 5990 and University Advancement/New Centre - 5990).

Notify Seahawk Mail of Changes

An e-mail from a department official is required to notify Seahawk Mail at of any department changes. These changes would include:

  • An employee transfer to another department
  • Temporary or permanent department moves
  • Department or employee name changes

The university campus is, and will be, experiencing many renovations and department moves that may be either temporary or permanent. Your notifications will enable Seahawk Mail to continue precise mail service without any delays or interruptions.