Licensing & Trademarks

UNCW Logo Usage by Businesses

UNCW logos are the property of UNCW, and the use of logos must comply with UNCW policies. Per our licensing policy, if vendors are producing products imprinted with our indicia, they will need to become a licensed vendor. Both internal (on-campus departments) and external (bookstore, retail locations) orders require a license.

How to Become Licensed

UNCW's collegiate licensing partner, Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), administers the licensing process on our behalf; in addition to the collection of royalties, enforcing trademarks, and pursuing new marketing opportunities for the University. Please visit their website ( for general information regarding The Collegiate Licensing Company.

  • If you are currently not licensed with any other Collegiate Licensing Company schools, please complete the standard application. The different licensing options, fees, and submission requirements are addressed in the application packet.
  • If you are currently licensed with one or more Collegiate Licensing Company schools, please complete CLC's “add-a-school” request form.

License Type Reference Guide Image


For detailed questions on the application process, you may contact the UNCW Licensing Team or Collegiate Licensing Company's Administration office:

  • Katie South
    Communications and Licensing Coordinator
    Phone: 910.962.2332

  • Megan Allred
    Communications, Marketing and Trademark Licensing
    Phone: 910.962.7145


  • Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC)
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Phone: 770.956.0520
    FAX: 770.955.4491

The university directs the Collegiate Licensing Company to contract with producers to make goods bearing university marks available for retail sale.

Purchase of UNCW Logo Merchandise

Merchandise bearing university marks must be purchased from licensed vendors/manufacturers. Please refer to Licensed Vendors for additional information.