World Languages & Cultures

Audio Recording:

Classroom use

  • / (Live chat)
    E.g. An instructor can ask an exit question at the end of class: E.g. What did you enjoy today? What is one thing you did not understand today? It also can be used for a group activity for a recorder of the group to share a group work. It can be exported/imported as pdf, html, etc.)
    Click on "Start Brainstorming" and create concept map and save it to JPG or PING and make it into Power Point presentation, etc. It can be used for learners to connect course topics.

Creating Video clips

  • Create an account for free and create up to 5 minutes recording of your screen with your face to personalize it. It can be used to give a feedback to students, explanting syllabus, course topics, etc.
  • Easy to record your computer screen. Easier than Google Hangouts, which requires G-mail and YouTube account to record.
  • Create animated video and presentation. E.g. Creating a PR video for the city. One can down load the video and upload it to one's portfolio. Not searchable on the web but accessible on the web. Example: "Asheville" in Spanish

Voice annotation in video or a document

  • / Throwing a question in video.
  • Identify the video (your own video, or link to YouTube or Vimeo) clips and create questions it. The program pause the video and asks a question for listener's comprehension. But not downloadable and sharing the video in public.
  • Microsoft and Google doc (add-ons) has this function but there might be compatibility issue with student software/computers.

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