World Languages & Cultures

Undergraduate Students


World Language Requirement at UNCW

Language Placement Tool

Most students are required to take the language placement exam if they choose continue their foreign language studies at the college level. This link offers answers to frequently asked questions as well as a link to the actual online exam.

French Oral Proficiency Exam

The purpose of this exam is to evaluate oral proficiency in French of graduating seniors at the end of their studies at UNCW. This exam is based, in part, in the ACTFL and OPI oral proficiency guidelines. The format of the exam and structures to be covered are provided at the link above. Specific questions to be asked are left undisclosed until the actual exam time.

Language Competency for Business Students

Each semester, the Department of World Languages and Cultures (WLC) administers the World Language Competency Examination to International Business Students.

World Language Resource Center

Located in LH 253B, the WLRC is a computer lab for foreign language students. Faculty may also use the facilities for laminating, color copying, DVD conversions and or reserve the room for an individual class.


The Department of World Languages and Cultures has agreements with dozens of agencies in the region to receive student interns who are juniors or seniors studying French, German, or Spanish. Internships provide students with practical experience involving observation and application of a foreign language.


WLC offers several merit scholarships for outstanding foreign language students.

Spanish Conversation Center

Located in LH 124, the SCC is a place where students can practice their speaking skills in Spanish in a relaxed, low-pressure atmosphere. Graduate students in the Spanish M.A. program serve as conversation leaders. Everyone is invited to participate, regardless of Spanish level. You do not have to be enrolled in a foreign language class to participate.

Student Activities and Organizations

WLC promotes student involvement through its many student-led organizations such as the French, German and Spanish Clubs. Majors and Minors may also apply for prestigious national honor societies sponsored through WLC.

You may find more information specific to a language please follow the links below: