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The Department of World Languages and Cultures, like UNCW, views an international experience as an integral part of any college education. Students can choose from more than 500 credit-bearing programs in over 50 countries. To further encourage world travel, study abroad fulfills the Applied Learning graduation requisite. With many different options both in terms of location and duration, an international experience merits thorough consideration. 


Students in Easter Island, Chile Summer 2019

Every year, UNCW World Languages and Cultures faculty organize and lead unique study abroad opportunities. Take a look at this year's programs:

Spring in Peru Honors

Location: Lima, Cusco & Machu Picchu, Peru 
Dates: Short Term Spring May 12-21, 2020
Application Deadline: December 2, 2019
Prerequisite: SPN 202 or 215
Courses offered: Courses
HON 121 (1 credit hour), HON 212 (3 credit hours) 
Andean civilizations flourished thousands of years before the arrival of the Europeans. When the Spanish landed in Peru, they encountered one of the most powerful
and sophisticated empires the world had ever known: the Incas. Experts in engineering, architecture, government, irrigation, land management, road-building, food
distribution, and more, the Incas controlled an extensive portion of today’s South
Peru Flyer 
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Japanese Study Abroad Summer 2020 

Locations: Kyoto, Nara and Tokyo, Japan
Dates: Tentative 
Course Offered: JPN 294-700 (Prerequisite required)
Led by Ms. Yoko Kano (
Application deadline tentative March 2020


Russian Literature & Drama in Translation 

Locations: Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia 
Dates: May 31 - June 18, 2020
Courses Offered: RUS 101 or RUS 201 (pre-requisite required)
THR 295:  Russian theater as a Voice of Society
RUS: 209:  Russian LIterature in Translation
RUS 294:  Study Abroad
Led by 
Ms. Roza Starodubtseva (

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Summer in Spain

Location: Santander, Madrid, and other cities in northern Spain  
Dates: Summer II (June 23 – August 4, 2022)
Application Deadline: February 27, 2022
Prerequisite: SPN 202 or 215
Courses offered:  SPN 303 (Conversation) and SPN 394 (Culture and history of Spain and Santander).  Students may take one or both courses and earn 3-6 credits. This program also satisfies “the Explorations Beyond the Classroom and the Applied Learning” requirements
The program’s home city is Santander.  In addition, we will visit the capital city, Madrid and other cities in northern Spain.
Faculty Director and contact Marianella Jara (
Santander Spain Flyer
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Buenos Aires, Capital of Culture 

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina  
Dates: May 17-28, 2020
Courses Offered:SPN 394, pre-departure online spring course (prerequisite SPN 202).
Led by Dr. Ashlee  Balena (
Apply by November 15, 2019
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UNCW will study the culture of Buenos Aires through its writers, painters, and musicians. The spring travel experience begins after classes in May. Activities include participating in a writer’s class about Borges’ life and stories, national art museums, live musical events, the San Telmo markets, and historic cafés. Stay in an upscale apartment hotel in Recoleta, the best neighborhood for study, shopping, and exploration.

Oaxaca, Mexico:  Here and There

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Location: Oaxaca City, Mexico  
Dates: May 10-19, 2020*
*Students will enroll in SPN 394 during Spring 2020, which will meet weekly on Monday at 5PM during the spring semester. Remaining hours will occur in Mexico.
Courses Offered: SPN 394 (prerequisite required)
Led by Dr. Amanda Boomershine (
Apply by December 15, 2019
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Learn about the Oaxacan population in Wilmington and in Mexico. Students will have the opportunity to experience Oaxacan culture and food, visit important cultural sites in Mexico, interact with and learn from Oaxacan immigrants in Wilmington and their family members in Oaxaca, and learn firsthand the effects of immigration and globalization on families and communities during this 10-day program. Students will stay with Oaxacan families for an immersive homestay experience and will visit the Universidad de La Salle Oaxaca during our trip abroad.

Summer in Chile

Location: Valparaiso & Viña del Mar, Chile 
Dates: Summer II (June 25 – August 4, 2020)
Application Deadline: March 16, 2020
Prerequisite: SPN 202 or 215
Courses offered: SPN 302: Intermediate Readings in Spanish (3 credits)
SPN 394: El cóndor y el toro: Indigenous and Spanish Chile (3 credits)  
Students may take one or both courses and earn 3-6 credits. This program also satisfies “the Explorations Beyond the Classroom and the Applied Learning” requirements
Now in its sixteenth year, this amazing trip offers a total immersion experience. By
living with a host family, your Spanish will improve on a daily–sometimes hourly!—
basis. Living in South America provides for appreciation of Hispanic and indigenous
American cultures. On the excursions we take -¡fantásticas!- we explore the rich
beauty of Chile’s land, people, animals, and cultural traditions.
Chile Flyer 
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Coliseum Rome, Italy 2017

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