Undergraduate Students

Sigma Delta Pi 2019

Each year, nearly 2,000 UNCW students enroll in introductory and intermediate Spanish language courses. Many of these students continue on to major or minor in Spanish.

Students in the Spanish language program, and those who continue their studies of Spanish as majors and minors, are encouraged to take advantage of one of UNCW's study abroad programs. Students can travel throughout the Spanish-speaking world, including to programs in Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, and Spain.

The UNCW Spanish curriculum is designed to provide students with the necessary analytical and linguistic skills that will enable its graduates to:

  • become outstanding Spanish teachers in grades K-12;
  • pursue graduate study in fields such as Hispanic Linguistics, Spanish and/or Latin American Studies, among others;
  • lead successful careers as global citizens in fields such as medicine, law, translation/interpretation, tourism, politics, and business; and
  • be prepared to appreciate cultural similarities and differences of, and interact with, the Latino population of the United States.