Where are they Wednesdays:
Stories of UNCW Spanish Alumni


Tessa Burnett Witmer
Class of 2005, Spanish BA 


Why did you study Spanish?

I studied Spanish because I wanted to learn to speak the language for both traveling and for communicating with Spanish-speaking people in my everyday life. I loved the breadth of education UNCW offered for learning not just about language, but art, literature, history, and overall linguistic concepts and theories.

How do you use Spanish now?

While I taught high school Spanish for a few years, now I am on a different career path. I own a handmade gift boutique in downtown Bozeman, Montana called Hattie Rex. I am able to communicate with our Spanish speaking customers both online and in-person. I am grateful to have the experience at UNCW to be able to use Spanish while traveling abroad as well. 

Study Abroad

Santander, Spain