Faculty-Led Spanish Study Abroad

Ubeda, Spain
Students in Ubeda, Spain (2016)

Summer in Santander Spain

Location: Santander, Madrid, and other cities in northern Spain  
Dates: Summer Session I (May 14 - June 24, 2018)
Application Deadline: March 1, 2018
Prerequisite: SPN 201
Courses Offered: SPN 206 (Spanish in the Media) and SPN 294 (Study Abroad I)
This program satisfies the Explorations Beyond the Classroom requirement from University Studies
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Buenos Aires, Capital of Culture 

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Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina  
Dates: May 16-30, 2018*
*Four class meetings will be held Spring 2018; students should sign up for the spring course during pre-registration in November 2017.
Courses Offered: SPN 294 (prerequisites required)
Led by Dr. Ashlee  Balena (
Apply by December 12, 2017

For the 6th year, UNCW will study the culture of Buenos Aires through its writers, painters, and musicians. The spring travel experience begins after classes in May. Activities include participating in a writer’s class about Borges’ life and stories, national art museums, live musical events, the San Telmo markets, and historic cafés. Stay in an upscale apartment hotel in Recoleta, the best neighborhood for study, shopping, and exploration.

Oaxaca, Mexico:  Here and There

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Location: Oaxaca City, Mexico  
Dates: May 6-15, 2018*
*Students will enroll in SPN 394 during Spring 2018, which will meet weekly at UNCW throughout the spring semester. Remaining hours will occur in Mexico.
Courses Offered: SPN 394 (prerequisite required)
Led by Dr. Amanda Boomershine (
Apply by January 8, 2018
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Learn about the Oaxacan population in Wilmington and in Mexico. Students will have the opportunity to experience Oaxacan culture and food, visit important cultural sites in Mexico, interact with and learn from Oaxacan immigrants in Wilmington and their family members in Oaxaca, and learn firsthand the effects of immigration and globalization on families and communities during this 10-day program.

Honors in Spain:  The Camino de Sanitago

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Location: Valparaíso, Chile  
Dates: June 25-August 5, 2018
Courses Offered: SPN 202 (prerequisite required), SPN 294
Led by Valerie Rider (
Apply by March 12, 2018

Experience life in astonishingly beautiful Chile in our summer study abroad program. Now in its fifteenth year, this amazing trip offers a total immersion experience. By living with a host family, your Spanish will improve on a daily–sometimes hourly!— basis. Living in South America provides for appreciation of Hispanic and indigenous American cultures. On the excursions we take –¡fantásticas!- we explore the rich beauty of Chile’s land, people, animals, and cultural traditions. Through your Chilean family and the friends you’ll make during your stay, you will return to the U.S. with a better, deeper grasp of language and culture than you ever thought possible. Study abroad in Chile and see for yourself!

Language and Culture in the Dominican Republic

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Location: Santiago, Dominican Republic  
Dates: July 18-August 4, 2018
Led by Dr. Amanda Boomershine ( and Dr. L.J. Randolph (

The Community Engagement and Advanced Cultural Studies in the Dominican Republic program provides students with the opportunity to study world cultures in real-life, contemporary contexts and become empowered as champions of social justice in their own classrooms. In addition, this program will equip students to evaluate large-scale impacts of historical, linguistic, economic, political, cultural, and artistic perspectives on individuals and societies and engage students in opportunities to promote a culture of tolerance and social justice in their immediate communities and throughout the world. In each course, students will continually be involved in self-reflection as they engage in research and critical discourse on such highly nuanced issues as race, power, language, politics, sexual identity, and citizenship in contemporary Dominican society.

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