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Stories of UNCW Spanish Alumni


River Bondurant
Class of 2019, Spanish BA/MA


Why did you study Spanish?

¡Hola! I decided to study Spanish at UNCW out of my pure love and passion for the language and culture. My original career path was to enter television and news, but shortly after taking 307 (Spanish Phonetics) I discovered that my calling was the Spanish language. I then decided to apply for the combined BA/MA and graduated with my Masters in December of 2019. I cannot thank and praise enough my experience with the department, faculty, and other students of Spanish at UNCW.

How do you use Spanish now?

I have recently relocated to my hometown of New Bern, NC. I use Spanish quite literally everyday as I am a full-time Spanish Instructor at Lenoir Community College in Kinston, NC and a part-time Spanish Instructor at UNCW online. I also use Spanish daily to communicate with my friends and significant other, while I am also teaching my puppy commands in Spanish!

Study Abroad

Oaxaca, Mexico
Santiago, DR
Machu Picchu, Peru