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Stories of UNCW Spanish Alumni


Mourghan Mencio

Class of 2014, Spanish BA / MA


Why did you study Spanish?

It was fall semester of my junior year, and I was studying abroad in Santander. I was choosing classes to sign up for for the following semester, and I realized that I already had enough credits to complete a Spanish degree in my remaining year and a half. So, that’s what I did! What I hadn’t planned on, though, was a Master’s degree. Dr Chandler proposed to me the idea of the 3-2 combined BA/MA program. I began my Master’s the following semester, and could not be more grateful for the opportunity to do so and for the program itself!

How do you use Spanish now?

I am a teacher in a private school in Madrid, Spain. I assist in Science and English classes in fifth and sixth grade, and I also teach a handful of high school classes on my own, in which I prepare students for Cambridge exams. I also lead a small group of students that are completing a virtual dual certificate program, in which they will receive the equivalent of an American high school diploma at the end of two years’ time. Before living in Madrid, I lived in Sevilla.

Study Abroad

Santander, Spain