Where are they Wednesdays: Stories of UNCW Spanish Alumni

Meredith (Butterton) Caley Class of 2008 - Spanish BA

Why did you study Spanish?

I wanted to travel and make efforts to understand the people and cultures of those places.

How do you use Spanish now?

After leaving UNCW, I served in the Peace Corps in Panama for 3.5 years then returned and got my M.A. in Hispanic Linguistics from the University of Colorado. After an odd but rewarding transition, I now lead a team of Personal Finance Specialists in Boulder, Colorado. We work with all income levels to take their next financial step whether it be creating spending or savings plans, improving credit, managing student loans, lowering debt, buying a home or avoiding foreclosure. We have clients with very little income to clients with 6 figure incomes and everyone has the same question: how do I make my finances work for me? About 30% of my clients are monolingual Spanish-speakers looking to build their assets and create a sustainable life here. Our program is a free service offered through local government.