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Stories of UNCW Spanish Alumni


Marie Hammes
Class of 2020, Spanish BA 


Why did you study Spanish?

As a freshman at UNCW, I planned to minor in Spanish because I enjoyed learning about the language and culture. However, my Spanish interests quickly evolved! After participating in local community events, such as Festival Latino in Gordon Park and Centro Hispano at UNCW, I got to know our latino community in Wilmington. The encouragement of friends and professors, along with volunteer opportunities, helped me see how important knowing the Spanish language is serving our community.

How do you use Spanish now?

Now, I am a third grade teacher at College Park Elementary School! I am grateful to have learned so much about our latino community and the Spanish language. I never would have imagined that just one mile down the road, I would use my Spanish daily to support families and students! Whether helping students get registered at school, or translating in a Zoom meeting, I am grateful to be able to use my Spanish to help others.

Study Abroad

Oaxaca, Mexico