Where are they Wednesdays:
Stories of UNCW Spanish Alumni


Karen Griffin
Class of 2010, Spanish BA 

Why did you study Spanish?

I saw the value in becoming bilingual in Spanish because I intended to go to go to law school and become an attorney (which I did) and I really enjoyed my entry level courses and professors.

How do you use Spanish now?

I am a criminal defense attorney and owner of Karen Griffin Law, PLLC, located in downtown Raleigh, NC. I speak Spanish on a daily basis to represent the LatinX community in Raleigh, North Carolina. My Spanish speaking clients really appreciate the fact that I can discuss their cases with them in their language and that I fight hard to protect their rights. It is important to me that I stand up for this community and fight racial injustices that I witness on a day-to-day basis.

Study Abroad

Quito, Ecuador