Where are they Wednesdays:
Stories of UNCW Spanish Alumni


John Perkinson
Class of 2010, Spanish BA 

Why did you study Spanish?

Valerie Rider's Spain Spring Break trip and Chile Summer term during and following my freshman year at UNCW created in me a strong desire to continue traveling, immersing myself in the language, and get serious about learning Spanish at an academic level.

How do you use Spanish now?

I moved to Madrid, Spain in January 2011. Upon arrival I completed my TEFL and TESOL certifications to become an English teacher. My orginal intention was to stay for 6 months, perhaps even a year, for the experience abroad and to continue bettering my Spanish. I loved it here so much I haven't left. It has now been ten years and this language and culture have completely remolded the direction in which my life is headed. I now live with my Spanish partner and we spend many of our vacations exploring every nook and cranny of this country that we can. Additionally, a job I originally took simply to allow me to travel has evoled into a career path that I am now excited to wake up to every day. I have Spanish residency am an adjunct professor of English for Health Sciences at Comillas Pontificial University for undergraduate students of Nursing and Physiotherapy. My passion for language, travel and education have all grown and blossomed from the seeds sown in my time doing my degree at UNCW and I will forever be grateful.

Study Abroad

Monterrey, México
Valparaíso, Chile