Welcome to the Spanish Programs!

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, with over 300 million speakers in Latin America, Spain, and the U.S. The University of North Carolina Wilmington offers five degrees in Spanish at the graduate and undergraduate levels:

We also offer a minor in Spanish. 

We have faculty scholars who teach in all areas of Spanish, including courses in Hispanic Linguistics, Latin American Literatures and Cultural Studies, Pedagogy, Spanish Film, Spanish Literatures and Cultural Studies, and US Latino Studies. This diverse faculty is dedicated to excellence in scholarship, teaching, and community outreach. A wide range of interests reflects the program's diversity in purpose and desire to satisfy a variety of student needs and career goals. The program's activity beyond the university community is reflected by the partnership with the Cape Fear Foreign Language Collaborative, various faculty-led study abroad programs, internship opportunities in the region and abroad, as well as outreach to public schools and various non-profits in the region.

In addition, we offer two tracks of language study for those starting or continuing their studies of the Spanish language:

In order to determine which track and course you should enroll in, visit the Placement Tool page for more information.


Spanish Graduate Programs: Dr. Boomershine (500 level courses)

Spanish major/minor: Dr. Brignole

Spanish 100/200 level courses: Mrs. Marianella Jara

Spanish BA with K-12 Teacher Licensure: Dr. Keri Chandler

Spanish for Bilingual Speakers: Dr. Boomershine