Where are they Wednesdays: Stories of UNCW Spanish Alumni

Dylan Elliott Class of 2018, Spanish BA

Why did you study Spanish?

I studied Spanish because I wanted to learn a foreign language and Spanish seemed like the most practical choice, but through my studies I ultimately chose to major in Spanish out of a genuine appreciation I gained for Spanish art, culture, and history.

How do you use Spanish now?

I've decided to continue my education by studying for my MA in Linguistics at UNC Chapel Hill. Linguistics has always been a great passion of mine and my knowledge of Spanish was instrumental in my acceptance into the program at UNC. I also have no doubt my experiences tutoring in New Hanover County and teaching ESL abroad in Galicia, Spain were the deciding factors in my Selection for a Teaching Assistantship, without which I would not have been able to afford higher education. My own experiences learning a language, as well as seeing the way the rest of the world deals with language learning and bilingualism on my travels, left an impression on me that I hope to take into my research and work at UNC.