Where are They Wednesdays: Stories of Spanish Alumni

Carynne Spalding Jarrell Class of 2015 - Spanish BA

Why did you study Spanish?

I studied Spanish throughout middle and high school and wanted to continue to attempt to "master" the language in college. I have always dreamed of traveling in Latin America with ease as well as using the language in a professional setting. I don't have my "dream job" yet, but I hope it will be with the federal government where speaking Spanish is an asset.

How do you use Spanish now?

I have worked at a refugee resettlement office, working as the Case Manager for the Central American Minors Program and Case Aide, where I used Spanish with our clients. I also worked in an Immigration Law Office as a paralegal, where I also used Spanish daily. Currently, my role as an AmeriCorps VISTA Program Coordinator with the Nonprofit Chamber of Service in Kansas does not require my use of Spanish, but I volunteer regularly at Citizenship Workshops at a local resettlement agency where I can practice. My degree allowed me to get a job right after graduation in Paraguay for almost three months working with high school participants in a summer program. Most importantly, my dream of being able to communicate with my Colombian family in their native language has been accomplished.