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Stories of UNCW Spanish Alumni


Isaiah Cole Bryant
Class of 2020, Spanish BA 

Why did you study Spanish?

Well, at first I had no clue what I wanted to do going into college, but then I chose nursing. That did not work out, but for the best. My minor was Spanish, and then I realized that a door had opened for me to pursue it as a career, and I have been soaring with it ever since learning about culture, literature, linguistics and more!

How do you use Spanish now?

Currently I am enrolled at UNCW as a graduate student in the Spanish MA program, which is going to be interesting during this pandemic, but it was the best course of action for my situation. I use Spanish daily by having my phone and laptop en el castellano and I read, write and watch shows/movies en el castellano. Also, I completed an internship the summer of 2020 working with two collaborative non-profits that are a resource to aid farmworkers in our state and surrounding areas. Usaba español cada día con nuestros pacientes, los documentos eran en el castellano, y también yo intento a conocer nuevas personas en cualquier lugar para hablar español.

Study Abroad

Cusco, Perú